Four Useful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint for Your Bathroom

17 June 2020
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When choosing paint for your bathroom, it's crucial to consider two factors: function and aesthetics. Unlike other rooms in the house, the bathroom often has high moisture levels. Moisture can degrade paint and cause it to peel or bubble. Therefore, when painting the room, you not only need to find the best colours but also look for paint that works well in the environment. Here are a few useful tips to help you make an informed decision. Read More …

Painting the Exterior of Your Home — How to do it Right

24 February 2020
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Just as the interior of your home needs to look good, the exterior is also as important. Remember that the exterior is what people first notice when they visit your home. It is even more prone to wear and tear because of the exposure to harsh weather conditions. Painting is one way of breathing new life to a home. When done right, it not only adds beauty but makes the house more marketable. Read More …

Tips When Selecting Paint Colours For Your Home

20 February 2020
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While walking around a freshly painted, sparkling house is a joy, deciding on what colours to choose in the first place can be tricky. After mixing and matching different paints, you can virtually create any palette you desire. Here are some tips for picking the best hues for your home's interior and narrowing down your options. What Colours Are In Other Rooms? You might not be able to see through walls and doors, but don't take this as a cue to paint a distinct colour in each room. Read More …

Breathe life into your open-plan kitchen by choosing the right painting scheme

10 January 2020
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Open-plan kitchens are becoming increasingly popular by the day. The free-flowing space from one corner of living rooms to the other has made it appealing for home designers to combine kitchens and living spaces. Open-plan kitchens allow consistency in the home, and families have an easier time bonding over breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, the wrong painting scheme can make any open-plan kitchen look dull. It's not just about having the same colour across the home, neither is it about having sudden, uncoordinated contrasts. Read More …

Reasons For Painting The Exterior Walls Of Your House

9 January 2020
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One of the valuable investments you can make as a property owner is to paint exterior walls. This can be done after you complete your new building or after some years as part of your maintenance. However, most people think that painting outdoor walls is just about beautifying the home, but this isn't the only benefit you'll enjoy. This post will outline some key reasons why you should never ignore painting your building's exterior walls. Read More …