How to Get Your Home Ready for House Painters

How to Get Your Home Ready for House Painters

29 August 2022
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Hiring a professional house painter is the best way to ensure that your home gets the makeover it deserves. However, there are a few things you can do yourself to ensure that the redecoration goes as smoothly as possible.

The main thing to remember is to keep things away from the surfaces that will be painted. Begin with the walls. If your interior walls are being repainted, you will need to remove anything hanging on them—pictures, ornaments, clocks and anything else that you can easily remove yourself. You should also take down any curtains or blinds that are hanging over the windows. This will save time when the painters arrive, as they will otherwise have to remove them themselves.

Next, move your furniture away from the walls. Ideally, you should remove it from the room altogether, but any large or heavy items can be moved to the middle of the room (it is a good idea to pick up any rugs that can be removed). Your painter will have plenty of drop sheets to protect them and will do everything to avoid getting paint on your furniture, but keeping it away from the area to be painted will help to avoid accidents.

Once the walls are clear, do what you can to improve access to the room. You may have a team of painters who will all need to move around the room freely and may also need to move to and from their vehicle. They will also need space in the room to lay out their equipment and paints. Removing any clutter between your door and the area to be painted will make their job much easier.

With everything out of the way, you can now give the room a good clean. Dust, dirt and hairs can ruin an otherwise professional paint job, so make sure the whole room is dusted and vacuumed, not just the walls that are to be painted.

Your home interior will now be ready to paint. If you are having the exterior walls painted, the same principles apply—remove anything hanging on the walls and clear enough space for the painters to work in. You may have to cut back bushes or shrubs to make room.

Proper preparation of your house will ensure that the painting job proceeds without any problems. This will save your painter time—and will therefore save you money. 

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