5 Exterior Painting Preparation Tasks

5 Exterior Painting Preparation Tasks

24 May 2021
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Preparation is just as important as application when it comes to painting the exterior of your home. If you are curious about the preferred preparation steps for painting contractors, the following can help you understand the process. 

1. Landscape Cleanup

This first preparation task is typically your responsibility. Any shrubbery or garden plants growing against the walls of your home must be trimmed back so that the painters have access to the home. You may also need to remove trellises and any other items attached to the wall. The painters will also take steps to protect the nearby landscaping, such as covering it with tarpaulins as they work.

2. Exterior Cleaning

The paint won't adhere to a dirty wall. Mould, dust, pollen, and general grime can affect the finish of the paint, so your painters will take some time to thoroughly clean the exterior of your home. They may use a pressure washer for the job, or they may scrub it down with a long-handled scrub brush. Washing also allows your painters to see more clearly if there are any damages that need to be addressed.

3. Scraping

Any loose or peeling paint must also be removed, otherwise, the new paint will also begin to flake off. Pressure washing removes most of this peeling paint, but the painters may need to scrape some areas by hand. For example, the paint near windows or along the eaves often requires hand scraping. The goal is to leave no loose or flaking paint behind. 

4. Repairs

Sometimes there may be small holes or cracks in your home's walls or eaves. These will need to be repaired prior to painting. Wood cladding can be repaired with wood filler, or badly damaged segments can be replaced completely. Exterior plaster and concrete may require the application of a patching compound to fix any small chips or cracks. 

5. Sand and Prime

The walls are lightly sanded to smooth out any repairs. Light sanding also roughens the surface slightly, which helps the paint adhere more firmly. Your painters will then apply a primer coat to create an even surface for the paint. Primer helps paint last longer and ensures even colour coverage. Finally, between two and three coats of paint are applied and the trim is repainted. Each coat is allowed to dry before the next is put on. 

Contact a painting contractor near you if you are ready to paint the exterior of your home.