Four Useful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint for Your Bathroom

Four Useful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint for Your Bathroom

17 June 2020
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When choosing paint for your bathroom, it's crucial to consider two factors: function and aesthetics. Unlike other rooms in the house, the bathroom often has high moisture levels. Moisture can degrade paint and cause it to peel or bubble. Therefore, when painting the room, you not only need to find the best colours but also look for paint that works well in the environment. Here are a few useful tips to help you make an informed decision.

Choose Bathroom Paint

Dealing with bathroom moisture should be a priority when buying paint. This is why you should consider going for paints that are specially formulated for high moisture levels. These contain mould-resistance and mildew-resistant properties. As a result, the paint not only repels moisture but also protects your bathroom against mould and mildew growth. On the downside, bathroom paint tends to be a little pricey. However, it lasts longer than most standard paints and helps improve air quality in your bathroom.

Go for High-Gloss Paint

If you don't want to pay a high price for mould- and mildew-resistant paint, there is a cheaper alternative: high-gloss paint. Unlike products with a matte finish which absorbs moisture, glossy paints repel moisture. This makes them a more affordable and suitable alternative to the expensive bathroom paints. On the downside, they do not protect against mould and mildew. However, the glossy finish makes it easy to wipe down the walls, and this makes the paint ideal for high-traffic bathrooms. 

Get Bright Colours for a Small Bathroom

When choosing paint for your bathroom walls, think about aesthetic as well. If you have a small bathroom, you want to stay away from dark colours as they can make the space feel unpleasantly small. Instead, go for bright colours. White is one of the best choices for a small bathroom. The colour is suitable for both traditional and modern bathrooms. It opens up the room, reflects light and makes it look bigger than it is.

Go Bold for a Cosy Space

If you want to create a cosy bathroom space, you can skip the white and choose bold but bright colours. Some great hues include yellow, pink, orange, green and blue. If your bathroom is large, you could even use dark colours to create a contrast between the walls and other fixtures. However, if it's small, stick to the bright colours to make the room look big and appealing. Make sure that your selected colours blend seamlessly with the rest of the fixtures and decor in the bathroom.

When choosing bathroom paint, you need to strike a balance between function and visual appeal. Remember to buy high-quality paint that will improve the appearance of the room and give you value for your money. Look for paint types like Haymes trade paint or similar name-brand options.