Painting the Exterior of Your Home — How to do it Right

Painting the Exterior of Your Home — How to do it Right

24 February 2020
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Just as the interior of your home needs to look good, the exterior is also as important. Remember that the exterior is what people first notice when they visit your home. It is even more prone to wear and tear because of the exposure to harsh weather conditions. Painting is one way of breathing new life to a home. When done right, it not only adds beauty but makes the house more marketable. Here are tips for doing it right.

Get a Right Contractor

A good painter will ensure the work is done correctly and, at the same time, enlighten you on the latest trends, best practices and what would work best for your home. Always go for registered painters who have a good reputation. You can ask around from people who have recently had their houses painted for recommendations. 

Choose an Appropriate Time

Paint needs enough time to dry, therefore choose to carry out the process when the weather conditions are warmer and less humid. There is nothing much you can do to protect the exterior part of your house from weather elements; therefore, take your time to ensure the season is right. You wouldn't want the wet paint to be rained on or the wind to blow dirt and debris towards it. Professional painting contractors may help you choose the right time to carry out the work.

Carry out any Repair Work

Paint may not hide the imperfections on the walls or other parts of your house. Ensure repair work is done where needed. Where you need to replace worn-out pieces, do it before painting. Also, remove dirt, cobwebs and chipped paint before painting. Make sure the surface to be painted is clean and smooth for a better result. When dealing with rotten wood, replace it because the paint will not stop the rot from spreading.

Prepare the Landscape

Painting can be a messy job. Before the job, make sure you move whatever is movable such as hoses, outdoor furniture and grills. You can cover the grass and bushes with a piece of cloth then put weights on top to ensure it stays in place. Most painters will help you secure the area before they start the real work.

Compromising on the quality of paint to save on some cash may end up in undesired results. It also means you may have to paint the house several times a year because the paint may not last for long. This may be more costly than going for quality paint. For more information, speak with a painting contractor near you.