Two tips to keep in mind when giving the outside of your gym a makeover

Two tips to keep in mind when giving the outside of your gym a makeover

9 January 2020
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If you'd like to give the outside of the gym you own a makeover, here is some advice that might be of interest to you.

When refreshing the car park lines, adjust their position to make space for a bicycle parking station

If the lines in your gym's car park have faded beyond recognition and you have arranged for a painter to refresh them, it might be worth reassessing the current position of these lines and (if possible) getting the painter to put them in slightly different positions in order to make space for a bicycle parking station. This is the best time in which to make this change, as the lines are already so faded that it will take the painter (and paint stripper) very little time to completely erase them and paint fresh ones in different positions in the car park.

There are many advantages to doing this. First, the presence of a safe spot in which to leave their bicycles could encourage many of the gym-goers who normally drive to your facility to start cycling to and from it instead. This, in turn, could reduce the amount of vehicle pollution generated by these people. Additionally, the idea of cycling to your premises is likely to appeal to a large percentage of your customers because they are the type of active people who would probably embrace the chance to fit in a little bit of exercise before and after their gym visits.

There is a caveat, however — it is best to only do this if the painter's readjustment of the painted car park lines won't result in the elimination of too many car spaces that your vehicle-owning customers rely on when they use the gym, as this could result in these customers not having anywhere to park their cars. This could, in turn, lead to them not visiting as often.

Paint some directions in fluorescent paint on the walls if your gym is open after dark

If you run a large 24-hour gym or one which opens very early in the morning and closes long after sunset, then you might want to also ensure that the painter adds some arrows or other directions to the exterior walls, using fluorescent paint. This will allow some gym-goers who only have time to visit your premises late in the evening to safely and quickly find their way to and from the gym's entrance, even if the area in which your property is located is poorly-lit.

Whilst you could buy and hang up fluorescent signs, the process of designing, ordering and then installing these signs could take up more of your time than you might like. By having your painter add these directions to the gym's exterior walls on the day that they will be adding fresh lines to the car park, you can get this done quickly and without having to put in any extra effort.

To learn more about your options, contact a company that paints car park lines.