How Technology Is Streamlining Residential and Commercial painting projects

How Technology Is Streamlining Residential and Commercial painting projects

27 December 2019
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Technology is everywhere, and it was just a matter of time before it infiltrated the painting industry. Manually moving brushes up and down a wall is becoming a thing of the past, as automated solutions are being used to make painting more efficient. Whether the project involves commercial painting on exterior walls or adding a new coat to your bedroom, technology can help you save time and costs.

Here are some useful applications of technology in painting projects.  

Using drones for external painting

Considering the number of painters who get injured by falling off high walls in commercial buildings, there had to be a better way of getting the job done. Drones are being explored as a solution for painting external building surfaces without causing a risk to workers.

By attaching spray nozzles and paint cans to drones, the machine can be programmed to release specific amounts of paint for different purposes. This can be done automatically or manually (using a remote controller in real-time). The result is faster projects, less paint wastage and safer working conditions for commercial painters.  

Digital colour wheels to make better decisions

Selecting the right colour for your kitchen, bedroom or living room can be a daunting task. Technology has made it easier for you to explore many different hues, shades and selections for your home.

There are various digital painting tools that allow you to upload pictures of your home and visualise it under the colour selections available. Furthermore, you can also browse large inventories of stock photos to explore ideas for your home.

Paint estimator tools

In addition to selecting the right paint colour, you would also want to ensure that you're only using the amount of paint that you need. Lots of money can be saved by making better estimating decisions when it comes to purchasing paint. Thanks to technology, you can now use a paint estimator tool to cut down on wasted paint. The tool allows you to estimate the quantity of paint you'll need for each wall so that you only purchase what's necessary. Commercial projects can also benefit from such tools when large surfaces are to be painted during a specific period.


Another challenge with traditional painting techniques is that paint tends to be wasted when it falls on the ground. Nanocoating is an innovative type of paint that's waterproof, durable and clean. This paint is made from nanoparticles that bond chemically to each other and to your painted surface. This means that you no longer have to worry about paint dripping all over your furniture or becoming stained, peeled and chipped.