Choosing the Right Commercial Waterproofing Painter for Your Project

Choosing the Right Commercial Waterproofing Painter for Your Project

23 December 2019
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Contemplating giving the exterior of your commercial building a fresh touch of paint?

When it's time to repaint the exterior walls of your establishment, regular paint won't work. You need paint that will protect the walls from water and moisture exposure, which can cause costly damage to your building. This is where waterproofing paint comes in.

Waterproofing paint provides a surface coating system that helps with repelling water, thus inhibiting water damage to your walls and the entire structure. But the paint has to be applied correctly to work effectively. That is why you should hire the right painter for the job.

Here are some top things to look into when selecting a commercial waterproofing painter for your exterior walls.

Proficiency in Handling Paint Projects Similar to Yours

At first glance, painting the exterior walls of your business premises seems like a job anyone can do effortlessly. Waterproofing paint is easy to apply, after all. But don't let the final part of the job fool you. There's a lot of detail that goes into achieving quality waterproofing paint results. To start with, the painter will need to choose the appropriate paint product for the job. This largely depends on the finish applied over your exterior surfaces. Keep in mind that your wall surface acts as the substrate material for your paint, so it's vital to choose a product that will adhere well and allow for a uniform application. Secondly, the walls will need to be prepped well for paint application. This involves scraping off all the flaked-off paint before the new paint can be applied. 

Choosing a waterproofing painter that specialises in handling commercial projects and is experienced in painting a variety of wall surfaces is crucial for attaining the desired project results.

Ability to Complete Your Paint Job on Time

No matter how proficient a prospective painter is, they won't be of help to you if they aren't able to finish your project on time. If you want to get your walls painted before the rainy season sets in, a painter that's held up with other jobs might not be able to meet your deadlines. Before agreeing to hire any painter, be sure to ask them about their availability. Make sure they commit to completing your job without delay.

If you'd like to make enquiries about your commercial waterproofing paint job, talk to a reputable commercial painter near you.

To learn more, contact a commercial waterproofing company.